Tow-Hitch Protector

Affordable safety for you and your family


Why do you need Hitch Pro?

Anyone who has spent any time caravanning knows the pain of heading out to enjoy an afternoon stroll, only to kick a tow hitch and spend the next few minutes jumping around like you have just taken up interpretive dance. This pain has led many to improvise solutions like these, which although decorative are not particularly effective.

Here is a tear as a result of walking into a Tow-hitch which caused injury. The Hitch Pro would have stopped this before it happened.

That is why we invented the HitchPro

Safety First

The HitchPro is first and foremost a safety product. Children playing near the caravan can easily fall and badly hurt themselves on the tow hitch. Seniors can just as easily trip over them and sustain serious injury. The Hitch Pro is designed to change all that.

Australian Designed & Made

In a time when manufacturing is increasingly being moved overseas we have decided to make a firm commitment to supporting the local economy by keeping our manufacturing local. This gives the added benefit of shorter lead times and consistent, high quality production.


Keeping your family and other safe should not cost the world, that is why we have organised our manufacturing and business processes to keep the product cost at $37.50RRP.

Are you Distributor or Retailer?

Want a Hitch Pro?


We have a very attractive deal for our distributors:

  1. The Hitch Pro is an easy up-sell for every caravan due to the high price of the initial investment and the low price of the product, making it an easy decision for the buyer.
  2. Products that solve safety issues are always in high demand whether it is for seniors looking to protect their knees, or a young family wanting to avoid a potentially serious injury for their children, $37.50 is a small price to pay.
  3. Our Wholesale price is very competitive.

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